Cwu Guiding Principles Agreement

The Central Washington University (CWU) Guiding Principles Agreement is a document that outlines the values and principles that form the foundation of the university community`s operations. The agreement is a statement of the institution`s commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusivity.

The CWU Guiding Principles Agreement was developed with the input of students, faculty, staff, and community members. The document provides a framework to guide the university`s decision-making processes and ensure that its operations align with its values.

The agreement consists of six guiding principles:

1. Academic Excellence: CWU is committed to providing exceptional educational programs that challenge students to reach their full potential.

2. Diversity and Inclusivity: CWU celebrates and embraces diversity in all forms and strives to create an inclusive environment that promotes understanding, respect, and collaboration among all members of the university community.

3. Equity: CWU is committed to promoting equity by providing access to educational opportunities and resources for all students, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

4. Social Responsibility: CWU recognizes its responsibility to promote social justice and sustainability and strives to integrate these values into its operations.

5. Collaboration: CWU values collaboration and recognizes the importance of working together to achieve shared goals.

6. Innovation: CWU is committed to fostering innovation and creativity in all areas of its operations, from student engagement to research and scholarship.

The CWU Guiding Principles Agreement is an important document that guides the university`s operations and ensures that it operates in alignment with its values. The agreement serves as a framework for decision-making processes and helps to ensure that all members of the university community are working towards a common goal of excellence, diversity, and inclusivity.

In conclusion, the CWU Guiding Principles Agreement is a vital document that reflects the values and principles of the university community. The agreement provides a roadmap for the university`s operations, ensuring that it operates in alignment with its values and strives towards excellence, diversity, and inclusivity. As a member of the university community, it is essential to understand and embrace the principles outlined in the agreement to promote a vibrant and inclusive campus environment.

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